100% made in Modena production

The production is outsourced to the same companies producing pieces for the Modena Luxury car district.

In the video you can see how the Minimalism series products are produced.

All the processes ensures a perfect and reliable production.

All the labour force is ITALIAN.



Long-Lasting Aluminium & Steel Only

All metals are made to last.

We used only aluminium and inox steel.

After all the mechanical processes we process both materials with an anti-corrosion process that makes the 2 materials immune to corrosion also in polluted environments.






High-Tech Materials

All products are made in hight-tech materials that are UV resistant.

This property blocks UV emission and keeps the insects far away from the light source.



Electronic Circuits Mounted on Aluminium

All the electronic components are mounted on aluminium. This allows a very reliable and uniformely distributed heat-spreading over the overall surface of the board.

The surface is then coated with a white protective film that both ensures the electrical insulation and minimizes light losses.

The circuit of the board is made only on the top layer of the 1.6mm aluminium sheet, while the other side is mechanically fixed to the case of the light element. This ensures a perfect and safe coupling between the board and its support.



Top Quality UV Protected Optics

Optics are made in Lexan, the highest quality material from the top quality Arab Oil.

You can see the transparency of this material in the picture above.

This quality is time-resistant and the product that you see now will be the same after years.